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9 Home Security Tips [Infographic]


These home security tips can help protect your house from burglary and theft.

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9 home security tips infographic 9 Home Security Tips [Infographic]

9 Home Sequrity Tips

Landscape with security in mind
and clear away areas that are overgrown or could provide thieves with hiding spots.

Talk to your local police department
for suggestions for security, and provide information on any recent break-ins in your area.

Know your neighbors and work together to keep an eye out for suspicious activities on your street.

Add lighting such as motion-sensitive fixtures outdoors and automatic timers or smart light bulbs indoors to make it seem like you’re home when you’re away

Don’t leave delivery boxes in plain sight,
so either conceal your new flat-screen TV box or consider having packages delivered elsewhere or requiring a signature for delivery.

Set a safety routine that includes locking all doors and windows and arming your alarm system every time you leave the house. Also, don’t keep spare keys in obvious hiding spots outside, such as under mats or planters.

Manage visibility by making sure you can see who is at the front door without opening it, and by placing valuables in the home where they can’t be seen from the street.

Protect your outdoor valuables
and consider securing your grill, lawn mower, bicycles, and outdoor gear, plus lock outdoor structures such as sheds and garages.

Create a plan for when you are away
by holding your mail, stopping your newspapers and having a friend or neighbor remove flyers. Also, arrange for lawn mowing or snow removal so it’s not obvious you’re away

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