“I get dizzy when climbing the steps.”

“I am used to canned meals since my wife died.”

“I have lived in my home for four decades; I can’t go anywhere!”

These are just a few reasons that senior citizens give because they have a strong desire to stay in their own home. Well, with help from the right people, aged people can continue to live in their own house. The concept of an elderly person living in his own home is referred to as “aging in place.” This discourse provides valuable information for the independent living of senior citizens.


It might be difficult to plan ahead to age in place because you cannot determine what your precise needs might be at old age. However, it is essential to streamline the type of help that you might need in the future. Perhaps, you are living alone and capable of taking care of your needs, but this may not continue forever. When you grow older, you will need help for specific things you can no longer do comfortably. Besides, you may have family members who are in need of assisted living. The requirements for the assistance of each individual varies.

One of the crucial places to your plan is your present health.  Do you have a diseases condition that you need to manage as you grow older? You can talk to your health professional who will explain the kind of help various patients with your health condition needs as they become older.



It is possible to get any service you need that will help you stay in your home if you can afford the cost.  The various area offices of the Agency on Aging, social service providers and nearby seniors center can provide detailed information about these services. Some of the services that seniors may need to continue living in their own home include:

age in place old women personal care 1 WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT AGING IN PLACE

Personal Care: When the routine of taking care of your personal hygiene is becoming unbearably demanding, the family members can be of immense help. You may also engage the service of a trained aide for short periods every day.

House Chores: Although you can circumvent many tasks by using home delivery services for shopping and laundry,  etc. You may still need someone to come in to help you clean your home. Perhaps wash the dishes and clean your yard. You can make use of home and yard cleaning services either from companies who provide the services or from recommendations from friends and family members.

The Meals: Do you have concerns about the nutrition of your meals or get bored with eating alone? You can invite a friend in for lunch or find our places where you can take a mean outside your home which also allows you to take a healthy walk outside your house. Alternatively, you can take advantage of low-cost meal delivery services that deliver freshly prepared meals to your home.

Handling Finances: As you age, the procedures of handling your finances may become increasingly tricky. Simple tasks like filling health insurance forms and paying your bills when due may become complicated.  You can ask a relative you trust to help you out. Alternatively, you can seek help from Geriatric Care Managers, volunteers, and counselors. However, the baseline is that whatever help you choose to use, make sure they are trustworthy. It is your finances we are talking about here! You can also take advantage of online banking. Ask your bank about the options of paying your bills from your computer or mobile bank apps. Most banks allow automatic payment of bills.

Also, ask your bank for security tips if you choose to go by way of online banking. Refrain from releasing your social security numbers, bank details, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information to strangers. Always check your account statements for and utility bills for unrelated charges. Although it may not be necessary now, you should consider giving someone the trust permission to discuss your vital transactions such as mortgage, insurance, and others. You should be knowledgeable about financial and legal planning for seniors.

Healthcare: Forgetfulness is a condition related to old age, and it becomes critical when you consistently forget to take your medications. You can make use of devices that remind you to take your medicines at the right time.  There are also pill boxes that help you dispense your pills over some time. Perhaps you just got discharged from the hospital and needs nursing care at home, you can talk to the hospital discharge planner to help you make an arrangement. Your health insurance may also provide the funds to cover your home care. If you have a poor memory, always remind your doctor to put instructions in writing to help you remember them.



Seniors living at home often have concerns for issues such as safety, moving around, and other daily activities. The suggestions below will provide valuable help.


Your Movement

Are you finding it difficult to climb up and down the stairs? Well, you can make use of stairlifts. It has proved to be a safe and effective way of navigating stairs. This device can help ease the daily stress of moving about your home so you can enjoy your retirement better. The device has a secure seat with safety belts that gives the user and the entire family peace of mind. Although this type of device is a bit pricey, one can argue that no amount is too small to invest in your safety.

Aging in place old women stairlift  WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT AGING IN PLACE

There are straight and curved stairlifts that align with various staircase designs. They can be installed within the building and outside the house also. You can decide the type you need for your home, click here to view the images.


With various news of crimes on the media, it is reasonable to have concerns for protection from physical abuse, robbery or scam. You can consult with the staff of your local Area Agency on Aging who can be of help. Also, you can choose to use tech devices such as automatic alarm systems in your home, security systems to protect your home, a push button that automates a call for medical help, and many other tech solutions. Many of these systems have a monthly fee structure.

Click on this link to compare various types of security systems for your home. You can get exclusive offers when you enter your zip code.



There are a couple of changes you can make to your home to make it more comfortable for you at old age. You can consider features like bars to hold at the shower, friction floors, ramps at the front door,  comfy door handles, and many more. You may not have the extra dollars to spend on these, but you can get help if you contact your local Agency on Aging, welfare department, State house finance agencies, or the Federal Government.

Daily Help

In case you need care but lives with another person who is always out of the home in the daytime, you can make use of Adult Day Care homes designed for seniors that cannot care for themselves.  You can enjoy the luxury of the daycare center picking you up in the morning and bringing you back home at the close of the day. When your caregiver isn’t at home overnight, you can make use of many other night shelter services.



Below are useful resources that can help you in your quest to age in place.

old women with her daughter age in place WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT AGING IN PLACEThe People Close to You: Most seniors receive the most significant support from family, friends, and neighbors. You can discuss your needs with the people close to you, you may also be able to trade services with your neighbor or friends. For instance, a friend could help do the shopping for both of you while you handle the cooking.

The Community and Local Government Agencies: Contact social workers and healthcare professionals for services in your community that could be of help to you. Your local Area Agency on Aging and tribal organizations can also be helpful in this respect.  If you are a member of a religious organization, you can talk about your needs with your clergy.

Geriatric Care Managers: These are professionals with specialized training to cater to the needs of the aging population. These professionals will work with you to design a long-term plan for your welfare and recommend the right services for you. These professionals can be a lifesaver when family and friends are not within reach.

The Federal Government Agencies: The Federal Government has made several policies and earmarked resources for senior citizens.  You can check  www.longtermcare.gov for more information about the available support from the Federal Government.


Planning for the financial aspects of getting help at home is critical to achieving your objective of aging in place. You will have access to some free resources while many of the services you want will cost you money. There are others that your Health Insurance will cover, so make sure you check with your Medicare to know the extent of liabilities they are obligated to handle. Finally, depending on the types of services you need, the cost of aging in place can be more cost-efficient compared to moving into an assisted living or long-term care facility.